Concept I 概念

Exploring & Sharing all Great Taste & Place around the World.

I am extremely lucky to have the chance to travel around the world and experience different cultures and their great cuisine.  This site is nothing about commercial but purely sharing what I have seen & tasted to all my friends.



Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 5.54.08 am

Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 6.22.39 am


6 thoughts on “Concept I 概念

  1. Hello I am so impressed with all your amazing photos! I really want to learn more about food photography. Do you hold any workshop or classes?:)

  2. Hi, So sorry for my belated reply!! I didn’t post anything in this blog last year but I m going to post a bit more here!! Thanks for your compliment!! Food Photography is just my hobby and I suggest you can read some books or youtube about food photography. Try and have fun… then you will get some technique about it…

  3. Hi Michael,

    Thanks for the Instagram like. I discovered your blog Via the link on your prOfile. Like me you seems to be world traveler and food lover.
    I shared many restaurants a cross the globe I loved with friends.

    I build something (still a beginning) to share and show place loved when they friends

    It would be great to have your feeling on this app 🙂


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