Seoul I 首爾 – 2.4.2014

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2 April 2014, Seoul


I usually prefer to have my first lunch in department store restaurant floor, it may not be the best of choice but try worthy. This restaurant is located in Shinsegae Department Store (Gangnam Store) restaurant floor at 10F.


Address : 176 Sinbanpo-ro, Seocho-guSeoulSouth Korea 


1. Great choices of side dishes including my favourite Kimchi 我至愛的韓國泡菜和其它各種配菜

2. Super delicious Pork Belly “Bo Sam” 豬腩肉配上生菜和辣醬後特別美味

IMG_3891      IMG_3886

3. Special marinated raw crab are best serve with rice, super delicious. Must Try!! 這道菜十分特別,是韓國醬油醃生蟹,味道鮮甜配以白米飯是一流享受。必吃之選!

4. Kimchi & Pork Stew are quite spicy to many people 對於一般人而言,泡菜豬肉湯的味道較辛辣。

Afternoon Tea I Brunch

After a long working day in Seoul, my body & soul need a little moment to recharge. A cup of great tea or coffee with a slice of cake can help us to release stress. There are many good cafe in Seoul with great atmosphere, I went to La Eskimo Cafe in Sinsa-Dong. They got not only great coffee and dessert but also interesting decoration.

忙了一整天,一杯香濃的咖啡或茶,一件美味的蛋糕,可以為我們在辛苦的工作天裡加油。在首爾,有許多充滿創意的咖啡店,我光顧了一家在新沙洞的 La Eskimo Cafe,這裡的裝修特別,在這裡真的讓我放鬆片刻。

Address: 2F 546-3 Sinsa-dong Gangnam-gu Seoul Korea 서울시 강남구 신사동 546-3 2층

Tel: +82.2.512.9244

Hours: [Mon-Sun] 10:00am-10:30pm

IMG_3893      IMG_3896

IMG_3900      IMG_3899


Korea is a country known for BBQ food especially Beef BBQ, it’s very easy to ask for concierge to recommend a good Beef BBQ restaurant or just simply pick one by yourself randomly. However, I don’t eat beef at all, my friend took me a BBQ Pork specialty store many years ago. It’s freaking good and they offer my favourite Butter Bibimbap (Mixed Rice). That’s the best Bibimbap that I ever had!!

眾所周知, 韓國是一個出名吃燒烤的國家,尤其是牛肉燒烤,不用找酒店幫忙,也可以隨處找到不錯的燒烤店。但是,像我這些不吃牛肉的還可以有別的選擇嗎?多年前,韓國朋友介紹了一家在狎鷗亭洞的烤豬肉店 “豚牛鮮”,主要吃豬肉為主。我每一次到首爾都會到豚牛鮮,除了品嘗烤豬肉外,這裡的牛油伴飯十分好味,百吃不厭!

Address: Sinsa-dong Gangnam-gu 642-18, Seoul

Tel: +82 2-547-5592


Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 2.24.37 pm

IMG_3913      IMG_3917


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