Seoul I 首爾 – 3.4.2014 – dining

photo 2

3 April 2014, Seoul


Maakholic is one of my favourite bar / restaurant recommended by my former teammate in Seoul office. Their concept is about Korean & Western fusion with lots of creativities and passions in each dishes. Can you imagine Quesadilla with Mozzarella Kimchi & Pork or Fried Sea Urchin on sticky rice ball with teriyaki sauce?? It’s not only taste good but visually attractive and all these amazing creations keep you patronise. Average spending is about USD30-40 / person.

Maakholic 是我在首爾其中一家的至愛酒吧餐廳(日本稱為居酒屋)。我較少喝酒但這裡的食物創意十足,除了有傳統的韓國菜外,還有這是結合西餐元素的Fushion菜式,味覺和視覺都極盡享受。這是我以前在韓國的設計師介紹的,價錢相當合理,平均每人約港幣200-300左右。絕對值得推介!


Address: B1 Paradise Bldg., 92-2 Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul (Across from Cine City, below Woori bank)

Tel: 02.549.9772

IMG_3974      IMG_3950

1. Fried Chicken Salad with black sesame sauce  2. Pork Cutlet Salad

IMG_1633      IMG_1634

3. Octopus Sashimi with yuzu sauces  4. Traditional seafood & chives pancake

IMG_1631     IMG_9927

5. My favourite roasted pork with yuzu sauces wrapped with preserved leaves 6. Braised Pork Belly with Deonjang


7. Their best creation: Fried sea urchin on sticky rice ball with teriyaki sauce… Super Yum!!! (Must Order!)

IMG_9928      IMG_3959

8. Sticky rice ball on the side   9. Mixed rice with fried eggs and dry seaweed

IMG_9918      IMG_1626

10. Korean loves Makgeolli   11. I prefer Blueberry juice….. yum!

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